Create Purpose


Fiercely independent, Nikita Simone Brown is as adventurous as she is feisty. These qualities coexist effortlessly to guide her “work hard, play hard” perspective on life.


Equipped with a unique village of supporters; her parents, her #brunchbabes and her inner voice, Ivy - Nikita is on spiritual journey to manifest self love into true love.


Enter Elijah Alexander, a handsome, caring and passionate entrepreneur. Elijah is everything Nikita has prayed for, but his life is complicated.


Black Licorice explores the magnetic connection love has over our lives.   



Camille Creates is dedicated to inspiring creative, beautiful and purposeful versions of ourselves.



Camille Creates will serve to provide resources and tools to benefit your hearth & home, health & well-being, as well your career and finances.



Camille Creates is a platform for spiritual & soulful connectivity, creative concepts, collaboration and entrepreneurial empowerment.



Camille N. Simpkins is an executive in the sunlight and a creative in the moonlight. Camille is a servant leader in her community, and an advocate for entrepreneurs and queenpreneurs. Camille facilitates  workshops in financial literacy and strategic growth planning. Camille's spirit is stirred by creative concepts, poetry, prose, and praise for God's mercy and favor. Black Licorice, her debut novel, was guided by faith and blessed in the belief, self-love attracts true love.